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code promo switch collective

to the CBO. We can set these defaults as follows: SQL associate statistics with functions quick_function default selectivity.1; Statistics associated. Strap Length (only applicable for adjustable straps) Extend straps as long as possible and measure from end to end. 0 select statement M 62 (5). Setting meaningful defaults In the previous examples, we used meaningless defaults for CPU and I/O costs (simply to demonstrate the effects of default costs). Plan hash value:, id Operation Name Rows Bytes Cost (CPU) Time select statement (0) 00:00:01 * 1 table access promo code csgo big full thousand_rows (0) 00:00.

By using the associate statistics SQL command (described later both of these features enable us to supply statistical information (such as selectivity and cost) on our PL/SQL functions, packages and type methods to the CBO. 25 select (count(case 26 when upper(promo_category) p_start 27 then 0 28 END) / count * 100 AS selectivity 29 into p_selectivity 30 from omotions; 31 32 return ccess; 33 END odcistatsSelectivity; This is a simple calculation of selectivity, based on a lookup of the underlying. SQL select * 2 from thousand_rows 3 where low_cpu_io(n1) 0; Execution Plan Plan hash value: Id Operation Name Rows Bytes Cost (CPU) Time select statement (0) 00:00:01 * 1 table access full thousand_rows (0) 00:00: Predicate Information (identified by operation id filter LOW_CPU_IO N1 0).

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In other words, whether a function is cached or not is irrelevant to the CBO when it orders function-based predicates in queries. First we will use a single equality predicate for quick_function, as follows. Odcicost, 38 p_args IN SYS. OdciobjectList 5 ) return number IS 6 begin 7 p_interfaces : SYS. Note the highlighted line between the "stop" and "env" parameters (line 15). We have usually paid a performance penalty for good programming practices in one or more of the following ways: context-switching between SQL and PL/SQL (when embedding SQL statements inside PL/SQL functions context-switching between SQL and PL/SQL (when calling stored functions from SQL queries subprogram invocation. Hem, lay the garment flat and measure from side seam to side seam, following the edge of the fabric. We are more likely to be writing complex queries that involve multiple tables, however, and from what we have seen so far, we can easily imagine the importance of function statistics. Random 7 END loop; 8 return MOD(p_id, 10 9 END high_cpu_io; 10 / Function created. PL/SQL procedure successfully completed. Of course, the key test is to determine what happens when we combine predicates. SQL create function slow_function ( 2 p_id IN integer 3 ) return integer AS 4 begin 5 dbms_EEP(0.005 6 return MOD(p_id, 2 7 END slow_function; 8 / Function created.

code promo switch collective

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