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Code reduction table et dependance

code reduction table et dependance

dependencies ON sthomas. SQL exec , dependencies ON sthomas. EMP * synonym N_EMP. Create OR replace procedure PR_EMP. You can see constraints like this: create table parent ( parentId int primary key ) create table child ( childId int primary key, parentId int references parent (parentId) ) go create trigger testChild on child after insert -minimal trigger. . They can best be explained using a few examples. For a table to be in third normal form (3NF), every nonprime attribute must have a nontransitive functional dependency on every candidate key. Transitive Dependencies, transitive dependencies occur when there is an indirect relationship that causes a functional dependency. Not really without a third party tool that crawls the code. . Database Dependencies and Functional Dependencies.

You can use dbms_utility.get_dependencypackage for this purpose. Sql_dependencies where  referenced_major_id  object_id parent. For example: For a table to be in second normal form (2NF), there must be no case of a nonprime attribute in the table that is functionally dependent upon a subset of a candidate key. For a table to be in fourth normal form (4NF), it must have no multivalued dependencies. If you drop parent and recreate the dependencies will vanish select * from  sys. It occurs in a database when information stored in the same database table uniquely determines other information stored in the same table.

Check after creating a dependent procedure. Boyce-Codd Normal Form (bcnf), every functional dependency (other than trivial dependencies) must be on a superkey. Best to trace your code manually knowing the structures and find out the problem. EMP * synonym N_EMP * trigger _EMP pL/SQL procedure successfully completed. SQL create trigger TR_EMP after update ON EMP. SQL SET serveroutput ON, sQL create synonym SYN_EMP FOR EMP; Synonym created.